Part Time Babysitter

Part Time Babysitter

Domestic Maid Substitute

When your domestic maid is on leave or you are waiting for them to start, hire a part time babysitter can help look after your kids during the transition.

Travelling Plan

If you wanna have some travelling plan with your loved one, why not hire a babysitter for a great holiday.

Unexpected Arrangement

Everyone has different plans, night dates with your fellow friends can come unexpectedly. Our babysitters can fill your ad hoc needs.


Different packages are for different needs. Select the most suitable one to enjoy the best offer.

From $25

Per Hr

Ad Hoc Basis

- One Off Service
- Min. 3 Hr

From $20

Per Hr

22 Hr Package

- 20% Off
- Expires: 65 Days
- For avg 1 - 2 times a week

How to make a booking

Quick and Easy. Platform runs 24/7

1 Web/App Register

Download or go to HelperGo App/Web, register an account or login via Facebook

2 Make a booking

Select the job category and select which package you would like to go for. Fill out basic information and job requirements. Confirm and post.

3 Babysitter assigned

The matching engine will pick the most
suitable babysitter for you. Wait until the babysitter to confirm her availability, you can contact the babysitter directly!

Special charges



Late Working Allowance
+ $3 / job
Travel Allowance*
+ $10 / job
* For locations more than 10 minutes walking from MRT stations.

Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before posting a job.