Local Babysitter

- Over 500 professional and experienced local babysitters
- All are carefully screened and verified
- Make sure that your child/toddler receives proper care

Auto Matching - View assigned babysitter's profile in real-time

- Via HelperGo's web / app platform, customers can confirm and view the babysitter's profile
- Easy to identify and verify the assigned babysitter at the job
- Charge upon job completion

Job Scope

- Make sure that your child/toddler receives proper care
- Pay attention to the safety of the child and changes in their behaviour
- Take care of the child’s dietary needs during care
- Play with children and develop their mental and emotional wellbeing
- Help your child establish good life habits
- Keep parents in the loop regarding the child’s needs and development

Additional Services

- Accompany child to doctor appointment
- Meal preparation
- Help grocery shopping in nearby supermarket & wet market
- Simple Cleaning
- Fetch to/from School or Classes
- Ad hoc babysitting

How to make a booking

1 Submit Order

Via the HelperGo App/Web, fill out some basic information and job requirements. This is to make sure the matching engine will find the most suitable babysitters for you, for instance, their availability, skillsets and languages ... etc

2 View Profiles

The selected babysitters will receive the job notification. They will double check their availabilities before confirming the job.

3 Job Confirmed

Contract Basis - Our care coordinator will organise interviews between you and the babysitter. If both parties are happy, we can sign a contract to confirm. Short Term - HelperGo system will pick the best babysitter and notify them immediately about the job, you can contact the babysitter directly after they confirm the availability.